Wednesday, September 17, 2008 this the digital photo frame I've been looking for?

Ever since I saw my very first digital photo frame, I've wondered why it wasn't easy to simply email pictures to it. My dream frame was one I could buy for my family, and keep them updated with new pictures by simply emailing the pics to the frame. Sounds simple enough.

I'd even be ok with having to login to a site to add pictures to the frame. What I found out, though, was that the only digital photo frames that had this functionality were either a) subscription based (boo!) or b) not easy or reliable for both the sender and receiver.

Now Picwing promises to change all this. They're taking the approach from a software point of view...building a simple, easy to use interface for creating albums, uploading or emailing pictures to that album, and having multiple photo "clients" to view them on, including a digital photo frame they are developing.

The Picwing frame is still in beta, and built by hand, so it's a bit pricey right now at $249. But the software...or rather the dang simple to use. Every album gets its own email address...set who is allowed to add pictures to the album, and that's it!

And you don't NEED the photo frame. You can view your album through a desktop client, a Chumby, or through a cool Flash app! Here's my first album. Please feel free to send funny pictures to this album at The subject of your email becomes the caption.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Tina Fey Voting for Princess Leia in ‘08

If you happened to catch Tina Fey’s highly publicized cameo as Sarah Palin in Saturday Night Live’s season premiere last night, you may have caught her flashing a bit of Star Wars fandom in the show’s closer — yep, Fey’s donning one of the Zazzle's Star Wars Election ‘08 t-shirts, available exclusively at

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