Tuesday, March 28, 2006

'Second Life' gets an $11 Million Dollar boost

The online virtual world known as Second Life has just announced an $11 million round of funding. This will allow Linden Lab, the creators of Second Life, to expand deeper into foreign markets, hire more personnel, and improve their infrastructure.

Second Life currently has about 165,000 users, a drop in the bucket compared to other popular MMO's (Blizzard's 'World of Warcraft' has 6 million). But users are passionate, creative, and mature. It's not your typical quest driven fantasy world. It's more of a virtual canvas for creative digital artists, socialites, and programmers to get together and share ideas, talents, and have fun...maybe even making a buck along the way.

I highly suggest visiting Second Life and becoming an active member. It is free to join and you only need to pay if you want to own land. While you're there, checkout our virtual pet dogs :-)

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