Friday, September 08, 2006

Six degrees of...well just about everything!

WARNING: Time-waster Web site! So just how does Monty Python relate to Albert Einstein? Do bananas and network attached storage have anything in common? How can you link zits with airplanes?

Omnipelagos can tell you! Just enter two search terms, and the site finds how they can be linked. Even the most obscure terms usually comes up with a connection.

And yes, it can find links to Kevin Bacon, too.

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Roy said...

Eureka it works!!

Mullet (film) is the title of a 2001 Australian film directed by David Caesar, starring Ben Mendelsohn
Mullet (film)
The title of the film comes from Eddie's nickname and from his half-arsed attempts to make a living poaching
[Threat to wildlife] A further kind of poaching is live capture of animals, typically for the pet trade or for use as performing animals.
[Common Pet species / Mollusks] Octupi (see also Aquarium)