Monday, September 03, 2007

The Top 10 Most Influential or Memorable Monty Python Sketches

The following list comprises my top 10 most influential or memorable Monty Python sketches. Each one of these has, to some degree or another, influenced comedy, or at the very least become a memorable part of American geek culture. Why is it that Monty Python is currently very popular amongst the geek chic? Maybe these little nuggets offer some insight:

10. Military Drilling

No need to be politically correct when it comes to the Pythons making fun of homosexuality. Right, stop that. It's silly.

First aired: December 7, 1969

9. How Not To Be Seen

Explosive comedy.

First aired: December 8, 1970

8. Ministry of Silly Walks

A more physical sketch for the Pythons shows Michael Palin trying to get a grant to develop his silly walk, which isn't very silly at all. At least not compared to John Cleese's.

First aired: September 15, 1970

7. Fresh Fruit

How about teaching us how to defend ourselves against someone with a pointed stick? I guess bananas are more dangerous.

First aired: October 26, 1969

6. Cheese Shop

Another John Cleese classic. Just how many cheese's are there?

First aired: November 30, 1972

5. Funniest Joke in the World

This sketch shows just how far the Pythons take an idea. Storytelling at it's craziest.

First aired: October 5, 1969 (first ever episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus)

4. Dead Parrot

The Dead Parrot sketch showcases John Cleese and his verbal prowess. How many different ways can he say the parrot is dead?

First aired: December 7, 1969

3. Argument Clinic

This sketch shows how clever the Pythons were for their time. Or at least that they were smoking something in the 70's.

First aired: November 2, 1972

2. The Lumberjack Song

It's so well known that, besides Spam, it's probably one of the most mentioned, mimicked, and memorable songs they have ever come up with.

First aired: December 14, 1969

1. Spam

Arguably the most influential Monty Python sketch ever. It brought life to the term "Spam" for unwanted junk email. (Wikipedia)

First aired: December 15, 1970

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