Thursday, February 19, 2009

Jenny Craig: Week Five Results

Only lost 0.8 pounds this week, for a total of 14.8 pounds in 5 weeks. At least it's still going in the right direction!

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Anonymous said...

I decided to plot your weight loss against the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

While the weight loss during 2000 crash was more dramtic I generated more fear (portfolio loss, not the Bannuna Diet) I knew there would be a recovery from the housing market bubble.

Now Jenny is making me think this weight loss is more serious, like when your great grandad lost weight - hey that was in the 1930s. I don't see a recovery anywhere in sight. Good news for you, bad news for me ever being able to retire.

Final analysis: Health is more important than money. I am glad to take the hit if it helps you out. Just don't go too crazy and get all anorexic on US ... and by US I mean U.S.A not us us.