Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tattoo Session #3 Complete

My third tattoo session is complete, and here are the results! This picture shows my PRS tattoo after each session. Amazing progress...but it's still not finished. I still need at least one more session to finish up the details of the guitar, including the chrome, whammy bar, and highlights.

My tattoo artist, Jesse Deering, is doing an amazing job! Check out this blog post on how he became a Zazzle and Artsprojekt artist after working on my tattoo, then check out his online store and buy something...support your local tattoo artist! :-)


Anonymous said...

Have you decided if you are going to get a similar tatoo on your belly?

Ed Caggiani said...

hahaha, yeah I think no :-)

Anonymous said...

Dude, you could have an alien popping out of your belly.
Of course you need to gain about 50 lbs to make the tatoo look good and that might put a crimp in the diet plan.