Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Search for the Holy MMORPG: Part Three

(Continued from The Search for the Holy MMORPG: Part Two)

The Free Trials
So now came time to download, download, download. The first free trial was for EVE Online. After a 513MB download, I was ready to give it a shot. EVE Online is a sci-fi space MMORPG, so it's a bit different than the traditional fantasy RPG's we're all used to.

Graphics were very cool...but honestly, the interface was too complex, and the gameplay was just too slow. I'm not adverse to sci-fi RPG's, but this was just TOO sci-fi. You control a ship and fly through space, have space battles, improve your ship, dock at planets, trade, etc.

Overall opinion: Slow, complicated, and kinda boring, but nice graphics.

The next game we tried was Dark Age of Camelot. This was a whopping 1.87GB download for the 14-day free trial. Ultimately, this game looked more promising for us since we do prefer the fantasy setting.

After creating our characters and venturing out, we finished a few quests and leveled up. This was more of what we were used to. The starter quests were innovative in that they were creative variations on the FedEx delivery quests and help us kill all these pests quests.

The graphics were merely OK. Nothing to write home about. But here's why we ultimately ended up saying "no" to this game. The user interface is slow. I mean annoyingly so. We even tried lowering all our graphics settings to no avail. Moving things in your inventory was sluggish, and chatting looked like a typewriter.

Overall opinion: Slow interface. A poor man's EverQuest.


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