Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Search for the Holy MMORPG: Part Two

(Continued from The Search for the Holy MMORPG: Part One)

The MMO Landscape
Ok, so how do we decide what MMO to get into? Well the first step is to see what's available. We visited sites like, Multiplayer Online Gaming Directory, GameSpy, etc. We even Googled "MMORPG".

This search returned too many results to be able to make a choice. We needed to narrow the choices down. So we immediately removed all games that were not 3D and did not have a stand alone client.

The big names always came up (EverQuest 2, World of Warcraft). Well, we had previously subscribed to Everquest 2 and it didn't hook us, so that was off the list. Personally, I hesitated to even try World of Warcraft for a few reasons. I don't like the cartoony look, it's overwhelmingly popular, and most of all, there was no free trial. So we put WoW on hold for now. Best to try all the free demos and betas first.

So here's the short list so far:

- EVE Online
- Dark Age of Camelot
- Shadowbane
- Neocron
- RF Online
- Dungeons & Dragons Online
- Auto Assault


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