Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Web 2.0 Watch: Zimbio launches!

Zimbio launches!
What is Zimbio, you ask? They call themselves "...the network of public portals created by people like you."

What does this mean? To put it simply, it's a site where any user (or "guru") can create a Web 2.0 information and communications center for any topic under the sun...complete with a blog, member photos, links, feeds, forums, chat, and more. The best part is that each portal grows with the help of Zimbio's user base.

This is a sign of the times...when technology, communication and social networking are coming together to form exciting new ideas and services. Zimbio has set itself apart from other offerings by integrating many of today's hot Web 2.0 buzzwords into a usable, fun, and potentially informative service. Check it out!


Anonymous said...

I thought that Web 2.0 was about online applications, kind of like that VERY COOL gardening applicaton that I recently read a press announcement about. Things like that are the REAL Web 2.0 and what Microsoft will be sending $2 billion to aquire. Although they might not spend all the money JUST of that one cool gardening app. Zimbo is ok cool too.

Ed Caggiani said...

Boy, this "anonymous" guy just loves to read my blog! I wish he'd get the balls to actually REGISTER and show himself!

And Web 2.0 is really a blanket term used for all the cool new apps and services coming out these days. They typically run the gamut from true online applications, to social networking and Ajax enabled goodness.

So really, Web 2.0 is anything you want it to be....Roy! :-)

Roy said...

Thank you, but I have cahoony that impede my walking.
Mainly I am just lazy and I don't remember my username and password.


PS Of course Web 2.0 is whatever I happen to be working on that particular week.