Tuesday, April 25, 2006

IE7 Beta 2 released

The official IE Blog announced that IE7 Beta 2 is now released. This is a quote from their blog:

We acted on a lot of the feedback and bug reports from the previous public releases. In particular, I feel good about changes we made based on reports from web developers around some CSS behaviors, application compatibility feedback, reliability data (yes, we do analyze the information that comes when you click “Send Error Report”), and user experience feedback. People on the team will post additional details about changes over the next few days.

I think it's definitely worth a look!


Anonymous said...

What bunch of phooey! They didn't LISTEN to the users. They downloaded Firefox after they started loosing market share again.

Ed Caggiani said...

I think it is unfair to bash Microsoft all the time. Yes, their internet strategy fell short early on, and IE6 is a bit long in the tooth right now, but they are making changes, and IE7 will finally be the competitive product it needs to be.

So what if Firefox added features first. The point is that MS is finally doing something about it and the IE team promises to shorten the version cycle from years to months.

Microsoft is undergoing a change. They are starting to see the ways of the faster moving smaller companies, and changing their work methodology accordingly.

I say enough Microsoft bashing, and more support from the user base. Because, let's face it, Microsoft owns the desktop, and probably will for the forseeable future.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I forgot to mention that I don't even use Firefox. Was that an important fact?

So you can put your Blade back in your pocket and quit threatening to 'cutme'. According to my view MS has lost about 20% market share to FF. This has happened over the coarse of just that last 8-10 months, which is strange because FF has been out for a few years.