Sunday, October 15, 2006

Bubble 2.0 - Now with more staying power! published an article comparing the late '90's dot-com bubble, to the current Web 2.0 boom. Some quotes of interest:
Startups now tend to sell themselves to bigger firms, rather than have an overly hyped initial public offering on the stock market.
I think that's good. The stock market is too volatile to build foundations on.
A new emphasis on social networking and connecting people, rather than e-commerce, which was foisted on consumers before they trusted the medium.
Very well said. Many people define "Web 2.0" as the social Internet. The new thinking is more about what you can DO on the 'net rather than what you can BUY. A good step forward.

However, there are warnings as well:
The big challenge remains figuring out how to wring money out of all the people using the Internet
Let's face it. A company has to make money to be viable.

This article is a good read.

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