Friday, March 02, 2007

Back to Google

Well, I've given a decent shot (see my previous post). But I am switching back to Google's personalized start page, mostly due to performance issues.

Yourminis looks way better and has some great features, but it just seems to run a tad on the slow side. Believe me, when you use a page several times a day, just a few milliseconds of delay to find what you want becomes annoying.

I'll keep my eye on them, since they are still very new and could actually optimize their platform for better performance. But until then, I'll stick with the lean, mean, HTML machine.

And to my friend Roy, I agree with your comments. Flash is a great platform and any company basing their product on Flash could be an innovation leader, if they know how to balance power, performance, and usability.


podman said...

Hi, I'm one of the developers at I'm glad to see that you enjoyed the site and the features. I was wondering what kind of performance issues you were noticing so that hopefully we can address them.

Ed Caggiani said...

Hi podman! Thanks for commenting. The issues I've had with yourminis are basic user interface slowness, like scrolling in a mini. It seems the slightest bit choppy.

Also, when the page loads, all the RSS minis take longer to populate than Google's versions. I think Google does some sort of caching on their servers, but I'm not sure.

That's really it. Just very basic things that add up to enough for me to switch back for now.