Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Tepito: Crime Fighting the Silicon Valley Way

Engadget reports on an interesting way to bring crime down in the little Mexican town of Tepito, apparently known for it's high crime rate. The new mayor of Tepito, apparently a forward thinker, decided to hand out PC's and Xboxes in exchange for weaponry.

Let me repeat: They are handing out PC's and Xboxes...In exchange for weaponry...PC's...And Xboxes...For weapons.

Ok, so the idea is to cut down the violence by getting rid of high caliber street weapons such as machine guns (worth one $700 PC) and hand guns (worth an old Xbox...NOT the 360). The lucky gangsta's who receive the loot will hopefully stay inside and play games or go online (do they have Internet in Tepito?), instead of shooting people on the streets.

Now I see a lot of room for abuse of this system. I mean, I would certainly turn in my gun to get a PC, go online and find an old gun on eBay, and get another PC. Do this enough times and I could start my own "Dell" in Tepito...I'd name it "Del", and the marketing practically writes itself: "Del - Las Computadoras de Tepito, Ahora sin balas" (which translates to "Del - Computers from Tepito, now without bullets")

Ok, so it might still need some work. But this entire concept really sounds like it will start an entire new form of currency.

"One taco, a side of guacamole, and beans. That will be a .38 and 10 bullets please."

"You got change for a .45?"

I gotta run...need to plan my next trip down to Mexico.

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