Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Jenny Craig: Week Thirty Five Results

I took a week off of Jenny Craig since we were going to Atlanta and Florida to visit family last week. I knew this would be a trip full of wonderful foods...and boy was I right.

Beef ribs, ham, Indian food, Italian, BBQ, fast food, you name it, I ate it. You could almost say I was on a bender...fell off the proverbial wagon...damn near ate the wagon!

The day after we got back, I weighed myself and my scale said I had gained just over 9 pounds. NINE POUNDS! In one week! Luckily, the next day it was only 4.6 pounds gained...the 9 pounds included water weight and bloat. I had several days to go before my next Jenny Craig weigh-in, so I followed the plan and behaved.

So I had my weigh-in yesterday (Tuesday) and I was still up 3.6 pounds, but considering how I ate, that's not too bad. Now I'm back on track, in my normal routine. :-)

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