Saturday, October 10, 2009

My Hero!

Best Buy had an early bird sale of the Sprint Hero for Reward Club members and I managed to get mine early! Been playing with it all night (it's now 3:45am!) and it rocks! It's smaller than I expected (that's a good thing) and it feels quite peppy...they absolutely fixed the lag issue everyone was talking about on the earlier European version. This thing is super smooth!

This phone was meant for's on Sprint, which is the carrier I've been on for years, my 2-year contract for my old phone recently expired, allowing me to get the retention discount (basically same price as a new user contract), and it's Android, which has great potential! It's the perfect "eat shit, Apple" storm!

I've always said that the iPhone was revolutionary, but due to my irrational hatred of all things Apple, I'd never own one. Stupid, I know. But true. So I've been harboring some minor touchscreen jealousy for a while...until now :-)

With the recent announcements of all these fancy new Android phones on the horizon, I think Google is on its way up in the mobile world. Go Android!

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