Friday, February 26, 2010

Get your own QR Code on a t-shirt or other products at!

Ever see one of these codes? Well if you haven't, you probably will pretty soon. They are becoming very popular these days. So, what is it?

This is called a QR Code, or "Quick Response Code", and it can contain all sorts of information. Think of it as a bar code on steroids. Using scanner software (available on all Android phones and also the iPhone) you can point your phone's camera to a QR Code and get the information it contains.

The scanner app will also identify the kind of data (email address, website URL, contact info, etc.) and present to you the appropriate options (send an email, go to a website, save a contact...) Some DVD makers are already including these codes on the DVD cover with a link to a trailer.

QR Codes are already popular in other countries, and is gaining momentum here in the U.S. And now you can take advantage of this by generating your own QR Code and having it printed on a t-shirt, business card, mug, or any number of other products. Just visit my new site, to create your very own QR Code product. Cool! :-)

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Dave said...

I have started a company that allows you to manage your QR codes. We make them smaller and easier to scan and you can also edit the code once it is printed. Just in case things change. Love the t-shirt idea and am going to go make one.