Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Moving on up!

We actually did what we thought we'd never be able to do in Silicon Valley...we bought a house! Well, it's a townhouse. Actually, it's "legally" a condo, but in the tradition of legalese, we will refer to said condo as "the new house".

The new house is great! It's in San Jose, near the border of Los Gatos. It is 1500 square feet, has a large patio, and a huge garage. The kitchen has been completely redone with new cabinets and hardwood floors. It's a two story house, with 2 master suites and 2.5 baths.

Our cats will have to learn how to use the stairs! Maybe this is the kind of exercise they need to go from Garfield to Sylvester ;-) Anyway, we're excited to move in! We'll finally have a decent place for the pool table!

The cool thing #1: We found this house the first time out looking for houses, put an offer on it the next day, and got accepted that same day! Talk about FAST!

The cool thing #2: Even though the price of this house is absurd compared to almost anywhere else in the US, it was by far the least expensive house we saw that day, and the one that had the most to offer.

The cool thing #3: Moving is what caused me to look at Vonage since we needed to cancel our existing phone service anyway...and we got to keep our number! (See post below)

All in all, this is an exhilirating, and sometimes scary, time. Our first house! I'll keep you posted as things progress...

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Doug R. said...

Congrads on the house, looks great and you deserve it.