Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Vonage...the cool thing

Yes, I finally did it and signed up for Vonage. What is it? Well, it lets me use my Internet connection as my phone, using any standard telephone. This is not your typical PC-to-PC voice over IP system. This actually gives you an honest to goodness telephone number that you can receive calls on from any regular phone. And you can also make calls to anywhere as well, just like a regular phone. The only difference is that it bypasses your friendly neighborhood telephone company and uses your friendly neighborhood ISP instead!

The cool thing #1:
It's cheaper. We signed up for the $14.99/month plan (half of what we were paying to SBC) and get 500 minutes/month (WAY more than we'll ever use). Long distance fees are a thing of the past. And Vonage-to-Vonage calls are free.

The cool thing #2:
We got to keep our existing phone number! We are moving from Sunnyvale to San Jose, and we will keep the same phone number we've had for almost 10 years :-)

The cool thing #3:
It's high-tech :-) For someone who loves technology and gadgets, this is a must have.

The cool thing #4:
This is probably THE COOLEST thing of all...we can get our voicemail delivered to us in an email as a .WAV attachment! Or we can login to our Vonage website and see/hear all our messages online, including seeing the caller ID, time logs, etc. All calls in and out get logged. Very cool!


Doug R. said...

Can you have a Vonage a trois?

Ed Caggiani said...

Actually, Vonage DOES support 3-way calling! So YES!