Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Stupid thing I did #1

I guess it's all the excitement of moving that has my brain wrapped in bubble wrap and packed with styrofoam peanuts. As you know, I ordered the Vonage phone service, and they shipped out the device that hooks up to my network. It still hasn't gotten here, and my phone number has already been transferred.

So I tried tracking the package and it says it's at the Fremont post office. Hmmmm. Fremont. I thought I had it shipped to my office in Sunnyvale...not something the Fremont post office would normally handle.

Well, it turns out that I had my shipping address in my Vonage account setup to my OLD office address in San Jose, which is a bit closer to the Fremont post office. Ugggh! Now I have to try to track it down. Amazing it took me this long to figure out I had the wrong address considering I've been tracking the package for days.

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